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Options for Postoperative Pain Control

What is EXPAREL?
The latest, innovative option to prolong the delivery of local anesthetic is EXPAREL.  EXPAREL injected during a surgical procedure can provide up to 3 days of pain control without the need for any catheters or external devices.


ON-Q | HollywoodWhat is the ON Q System
On Q is a small high-tech balloon that holds local anesthetic (Marcaine) and delivers it through a tiny specially designed tube directly into the surgical incision site.  The tube is inserted during the surgical procedure by Dr. Downey. The medication is delivered continuously and slowly for up to five days after surgery.


How does ON-Q work?

ON-Q | HollywoodThe ON-Q System is simple yet elegant, effective and requires you to do nothing so you can concentrate on your life while you recover comfortably and quickly.

  • ON-Q is put in place by a surgeon during the operation.
  • The small balloon is connected to a tiny specially-designed tube that the surgeon places near the surgery site.
  • ON-Q begins soaking the site with pain-numbing medication immediately after surgery and works continuously for up to five days.
  • The ON-Q system can be worn discreetly and may accompany you home.
  • ON-Q works automatically.
  • ON-Q keeps the incision site numb, thus reducing pain.
  • The doctor, nurse or you easily removes the pump and tube when all of the medicine has been delivered.
  • You can get back to normal activities and body functions faster than with pain-relieving narcotics.

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ON-Q | HollywoodHow does ON-Q relieve pain?

  • ON-Q is a small balloon which holds pain numbing medication and automatically soaks the surgical site.
  • Although narcotics are often unnecessary when using ON-Q, they can still be used to relieve any residual pain.


What are the benefits of using ON-Q after your surgery?

  • Feel better faster after surgery
  • Recover comfortably
  • Reduce length of hospital stay
  • Return to normal activities sooner
  • Keep a clear head during your recovery


When will I feel the effects of ON-Q ?

  • Relief starts the moment your surgery is done
  • ON-Q provides pain relief right where you need it
  • Gets you back on your feet faster


What is recovery like?

  • The ON-Q System numbs the area of your surgery
  • Keeps your head clear while keeping your post-op pain under control
  • Controls post-op pain without narcotic side effects
  • It comes with a small carry case to hold the balloon making it the most discreet system of its kind


Why should you ask for the ON-Q system?

  • ON-Q is put in place during your surgery
  • Works automatically, right at the point of pain
  • Let your surgeon know you'd like ON-Q relief



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