Aging and what we can do about it

A most interesting article was in last months Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal.  I don’t ever remember having taken an article to show my staff but this time  I did.  The article described observations at the annual identical twin conference.,  Twins were photographed and then asked questions about their lifestyle choices.   The twins were then rated as to whom and appeared older –  remember these  were identical twins –  and then the twins that looked older were evaluated.  The results were amazing –  identical twins who looked 10 -20 years older than their twin!!!!  I tell you –  look at these pictures and not only will you never smoke you will never go outside without sunscreen !!!  However a little good news for us –  a few extra pounds helped the twins looked younger –  YES!   OK the bottom line –  sunscreen, don’t smoke and don’t get too skinny!

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