Aging and what we can do about it

A most interesting article was in last months Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal.  I don’t ever remember having taken an article to show my staff but this time  I did.  The article described observations at the annual identical twin conference.,  Twins were photographed and then asked questions about their lifestyle choices.   The twins were then …

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Medical Tourism

It started out as an ordinary call. “Dr. Downey, can you help a colleague of mine?” But then the inquiry became anything but ordinary. The patient in question had traveled to Mexico for cosmetic surgery. Now back in Los Angeles she was having complications. The patient’s anxiety level was sky high. She had spent all …

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What is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery has certainly  received a lot of media attention in the past few years especially with shows such as “Extreme Makeover”.  Despite all of this attention a lot is still not understood about plastic surgery.  First the name –  plastic surgery is derived form the Greek word Plastikos which means to bend or shape.   …

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